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Harvard University is committed to creating and advancing a campus community where you feel empowered to raise concerns, ask for help, or learn about your options before making any decisions. If you have experienced, witnessed, or been impacted in any way by sexual or gender-based harassment, we can assist in finding the options that feel right for you. To seek assistance and information, you can contact your local Title IX Coordinator and/or the Title IX Office. You can also contact any of the resources listed on this page, or any combination of resources with whom you are most comfortable – you are in control of deciding to whom you speak and how much you want to share.

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Title IX Coordinators

The Title IX Coordinator network of more than 50 specially trained employees can respond to your concerns and provide... 

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Community Resources

Community Resources

In addition to on-campus resources, you also have access to governmental and community resources. Many of these resources provide support for... 

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Harvard at Sunset

Harvard Resources

The Harvard Title IX Office and its network of Title IX Coordinators work closely with partner offices located on and off campus to ensure...

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Medical Care

Medical Care

If you have experienced physical or sexual violence, it is important to get medical care as soon as possible. Even if you feel fine, you may...

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Resource Guide

The Resource Guide provides an overview of resources and options available to help prevent and respond to sexual and gender-based harassment at Harvard. Harvard encourages individuals who believe they may have been impacted by sexual or gender-based harassment to speak to their local Title IX Coordinator for their School or Unit. Coordinators are available to speak in depth about the resources and options set forth within this guide.

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Explore Other Options

Interim Measures

Interim measures are individualized supports to help those who may have experienced incidents of...

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File a Formal Complaint

File A Formal Complaint

You may file a formal complaint of sexual and/or gender-based harassment with the Office for Dispute Resolution. A formal complaint must be in writing and...

Filing a Complaint

Informal Resolution

Some incidents of sexual and/or gender-based harassment may be resolved through an informal resolution process without a full investigation. If informal resolution is appropriate...

About Information Resolution

No Contact and Protective Orders

No contact orders are designed to limit or prohibit contact or communication among individuals and are... 

No Contact and Protective Orders