Harvard University Health Services (HUHS)

Harvard University Health Services is a multi-specialty medical practice dedicated to caring for members of the Harvard community — students, faculty, staff,* retirees, and their dependents. Services include primary care, internal medicine, counseling and mental health, behavioral health, urgent care, and pediatrics.

HUHS has four locations:

  • Smith Campus Center, 617-495-5711
  • Harvard Business School, Cumnock Hall, 617-495-6455
  • Harvard Law School, Pound Hall, 617-495-4414
  • Longwood area, Vanderbilt Hall, 617-432-1370

Are my conversations confidential? HUHS assures each patient that all health information is treated confidentially and protected to the fullest extent permissible by law. Please see the HUHS Notice of Privacy Practices for specific information concerning the privacy of your medical information.


* While all staff may access Urgent Care, to access the full array of services offered by HUHS, staff members must have HUGHP insurance.