In response to community feedback, the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention & Response and the Title IX Office will be uniting to become the new Office for Gender Equity. Services will remain in place while the offices unite their efforts and merge resources over the next several months.

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A Message From the Title IX Office

Nicole Merhill

While much change is happening in the world around us and at Harvard, our commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy educational and work environment that is free from sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct remains steadfast. Whether you are still on campus, at home, at work, or anywhere around the world, we are here for you.


-Nicole Merhill, University Title IX Coordinator and Director of the Office for Gender Equity

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Connect with a Coordinator

Connect with a Resource Coordinator

Title IX Resource Coordinators have specialized experience in responding to disclosures of sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct in the Harvard community. They are also aware that your concerns may be of a sensitive nature and can offer supports to help you.

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Find Your Options

Find Your Options

If you have been impacted by or are supporting someone who has been impacted by sexual harassment and/or other sexual misconduct, or are a party in a formal complaint involving sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct, you have options for getting resources and support.

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The Policies

Harvard's policies are designed to ensure a safe and non-discriminatory educational and work environment and to meet legal requirements, including...

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Harvard’s Title IX Prevention & Awareness Program strives to deliver customizable programs and trainings for Harvard faculty, staff, and students.

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Informational Materials

Discover resources that explore Harvard's policies and procedures in-depth and provide further information on key concepts.

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Annual Report

Each year, the University Title IX Office and the Office for Dispute Resolution issue a joint annual report. These reports contain information such as Title IX educational initiatives, data on trainings and disclosures, and ODR data on formal complaints. 

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